Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making a List, Checking It Twice

This morning I taped the door to the pendulum of the grandfather clock shut.  I removed all the Wallflowers fragrance bulbs from their outlets.  I set up the porta-crib in the spare bedroom.  This can mean only one thing: Sooby and Pooh are coming for the weekend.  All I have left to finish is my grocery list of all the nutritious items my grandkids need to grow strong and healthy.  No junk for those two at Googie's house.  So here goes:
  • milk (strong bones and teeth, of course; a no-brainer)
  • grapes (Pooh's favorite food in the world; a fruit group staple)
  • Cheerios (Pooh's favorite breakfast cereal; 3 grams of fiber per serving) 
  • Fruit Loops (Sooby's favorite breakfast cereal; not quite so much fiber, but it does contain the word "fruit," which should be worth something)
  • Spaghettios ("Uh-oh," perhaps a little high on carbs, but the kids do need energy) 
  • chocolate chips (The cookies we will make will benefit their emotional health and enhance their social skills.)
  • popsicles (These come in a healthy variety of fruit flavors.)
  • jelly beans (I am getting a lot of mileage out of the fruit-flavor thing.)
  • Wonder Bubbles (fresh air?)
  • kites (OK, I admit it.  My list is a bit out of control, just like most of the shopping trips I make in preparation for the kids' visits.  Oh well, let's just call it a healthy consistency.)
Off to Wal-mart I go.  It may be a day or two before I am back on the blog site.  Let's just say I will be engrossed in an extended period of field research.  Oh, how I do love science!


  1. Kites are great for grandchildren visiting in windy March, and Wonder Bubbles are a must-have no matter what the month. As a grandmother who has doled out her share of popsicles and cookies, I won't say too much about your grocery shopping list.

  2. Lots of o's! Love it! Cheerios are always a hit, as are jelly beans.

    I hope your field research was enjoyable and memorable.

    Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social!

  3. LOVE your grocery list and all of the excuses that go with it!