Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Double-Header

When I woke up this morning, I was still hoarse from cheering, and still had on my game face from yesterday's double-header.  And what a pair of games they were!  From my vantage point on the front row--and at times in the middle of the action--the coaching strategy could not have worked much better.

The morning game was a baby shower for Beenie, due to enter as a starter in less than two months now.  At this point his locker is pretty well filled with equipment, and his uniforms are in place.  He will be known as our team's "Little Man," which was the perfectly executed shower theme.   Little Man's mama certainly went home with a good catch, but if I had to pick a game highlight, it would be a toss-up between the chocolate mustaches and the cake pops.

The afternoon game was an early birthday party for Pooh, who completed all nine innings in great style.  Following a pre-game show involving pizza, he fielded a chocolate cake complete with candles--one, two, three, and they were OUT!  His presents made a hit too, with the foam dart gun scoring a home run, although it did at times create a certain amount of suspense among the spectators.  Put this boy in, Coach.  He is ready to play.  But just to be safe, watch your backside.

I am convinced that nothing could have pumped life into a January day like yesterday's double-header.  A delicious anticipation permeated the air, creating an occasional whiff of chocolate.  The excitement was tangible enough to slice into triangles and devour like pizza. 

Let the games go on.  My grandsons are the stars, and I am their biggest fan.


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