Saturday, June 30, 2012

"I Am Five Today"

Happy Birthday, Sooby!

This marks the fifth anniversary of the day you made me Googie.  It has been a joy to watch you grow and learn, and our lives are all the richer for this blonde-haired, blue-eyed bundle of energy and imagination that has become a part of our family.

Everyone marvels at how much you look like your mama, and I myself marvel at how much you think and act like she did as a little girl.  That is most often good, sometimes not quite so much, but the resemblances are undeniable, and I love you both immeasurably.

Today I share this poem with you, but first I have a confession to make.  I did not write it for you.  I wrote it a little over twenty-five years ago when your mama turned five.  On her fifth birthday, we made copies to share with Miss Carol and your preschool class along with the cupcakes we baked in honor of such a momentous occasion.

This is a momentous time for you, too.  You are big into dance class, soccer, T-ball, and swimming lessons.  You have your first loose tooth, discovered rather painfully in the course of eating a brownie at Googie's house week before last.  Just five days ago, you gained another little brother.  In September, you will go to kindergarten, which I predict will afford an endless collection of treasures for "Googie's Attic."

I hope you enjoy this little verse for years to come.  It is as relevant for you today as it was for your mama in 1987.  Happy Birthday, sugar plum, from Googie and Pa-pa.

        I Am Five Today

I'm going to sing a birthday song,
Taking Teddy Bear along,
Happy that we both belong--
     And that I'm five today.

I'm gong to help my mama bake
A twenty-layer birthday cake.
Chocolate fudge is what we'll make--
     For I am five today.

I'm blowing all my candles out,
Going to go outside and shout.
Tell you what it's all about--
     I am five today.

I'm reaching for the cookie jar,
Making wishes on a star,
Wondering how it shines so far--
     I am five today.

I'm wondering what could be inside
Those gifts with ribbons gaily tied?
I couldn't peek although I tried--
     'Cause I am five today.

Ir was tired of being four,
Couldn't reach the cupboard door
(Not a problem anymore)--
     "Cause I am five today.

Next year when I'm turning six,
I might try some magic tricks,
Maybe learn karate kicks--
     But I am five today.

I thought today would ne'er arrive,
Sweet as honey in a hive.
Gee, I'm glad that I'm alive
     And that I'm five today.



  1. What a fabulous poem! How cool that you held on to it so that you could recycle it for Sooby.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sooby (a day late!!) I can't wait to read all about the adventures in Kindergarten. You are going to have a blast and so is Googie.

  3. Beautiful! And yes, Happy belated Birthday. It was my sons birthday yesterday too, and my dad's.