Monday, June 10, 2013

The Office

It happened quite by accident, but the fact remains:  Sooby now has her own office here at Googie's.  Strangely enough, the office came about because it was time for a change in sleeping arrangements.

Until now, Sooby has slept in a daybed and Pooh in a toddler bed in their mama's old room.  Bootsie had taken up sleeping quarters in a pack-'n'-play in son Teebo's old room, which Pa-pa and I converted into a home office when Teebo moved away from home.

But recently, in the game of musical beds, a couple of the kids were needing more night-time space.  So Pooh has moved over into the trundle stored under Sooby's bed, and Boots has moved into the toddler bed.  Because the trundle requires space formerly occupied by the kids' play table, the table has been relegated to the bedroom-turned-office in a special spot between Pa-pa's bill-paying desk and my computer station.

Almost immediately, Sooby laid claim to this as her own "office."  Last time she was here, she spent quite a lot of time sitting at her little round green table making sticker pictures and a nursery rhyme book.  When she left, it was with an admonition not to move her office--so I haven't.  But I have been working on a surprise for when she returns by herself later this week.

In her absence, I have scoured drawers, cabinets, and shelves all over the house, collecting a duke's mixture of writing tools and art supplies into a plastic basket to stock her "desk."  With the collection I have amassed, she will be able to make posters, bookmarks, booklets, pictures, and whatever else her imagination dreams up.

I am anxious to see where Sooby's creative energy takes her given these and other resources at her disposal.  I am expecting her to spend quite a bit of time in her office while she is here, and maybe she will generate some creations worthy of sharing here on the blog.

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  1. She is just going to be thrilled with the new office supplies!