Monday, December 22, 2014

Joy to the Squirrels!

to the squirrels!
The walnuts fall-
They'll gather up them all!
They'll nibble and they'll bite
All day and half the night.
They'll chomp and gnaw and chew
Until their cheeks turn blue.
They'll chomp,
They'll chomp,
And gnaw and chew.

to the squirrels!
The hick'ries drop--
They wiggle loose and--PLOP!
The squirrels rush and scurry
So they won't have to worry
When ground is white with snow
That blankets all below--
When ground,
When ground
Is white with snow.

to the squirrels!
Pecans are found
'Neath trees upon the ground!
This year the squirrels may try
To make a pecan pie,
A tasty Christmas dream,
And top it with whipped cream--
And top,
And top
It with whipped cream.

Merry Christmas, everyone, from Googie. Have fun singing these words to the traditional Handel melody.

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