Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Talk with the Groundhog

Here, just a couple days late, is a groundhog poem you can read to your kiddos while we all wait for winter to move along. I will lovingly dedicate it to Pooh, who turned 6 on Groundhog Day. Thanks to Google Images for the artwork.

I’m going to see the groundhog
who lives out in our field,
and ask him why predicting spring
is such a great big deal.
He sleeps all through the winter.
He misses all the joys
of Santa and his reindeer
and his sleigh with all those toys.

He misses building snowmen
and rolling snowballs ‘round.
He misses seeing angels carved
in snow atop the ground.
He waits till February
to do his groundhog thing,
then opens up his sleepy eyes
to scout for signs of spring.

He sniffs the air for signals
that spring might soon be here.
He listens for the melodies
of robins flying near.
He seems to have a problem;
he’s such a chicken-heart:
‘cause if he sees his shadow,
it will give him quite a start.

I’m going to tell that groundhog
he shouldn’t worry so--
Old winter has a calendar
that tells when it should go.
Old winter can get tired, too,
and feel the need to rest,
and gladly shake the hand of spring
when they both think it best.

So, groundhog, just enjoy your nap.
Don’t bother coming out,
and we’ll keep playing in the snow
‘til springtime comes about.
And, though you might not know it,
from all the hype you hear,
spring always comes along about
the same time every year.

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