Friday, March 6, 2015

A Dinosaur Named Darryl

--for Beenie--

A dinosaur named Darryl
Sleeps underneath my bed
And listens to the bedtime songs
And stories that are read.
Darryl’s made of plastic
And colored mostly blue.
His tummy’s fat, his tail is flat;
He sticks to me like glue.

His mouth is always open;
His teeth are sharp and white.
By species he’s a T-rex,
And he stalks my room at night.
While I am sound-asleeping,
Darryl guards my door.
He keeps the monsters all away
With one big dino-roar.

He’s there when morning wakes me.
He smiles his lizard grin.
We make our way to breakfast
Where his eyes light up—and then—
He grabs a purple Froot Loop
In his enormous jaws,
Then chews and chomps and scratches
For another with his claws!

I think if there’d been Froot Loops
In prehistoric days,
Then Darryl might have friends around,
And I would be amazed
To have a thousand dinosaurs
For everyone to see--
But  now it’s me and Darryl,
And that’s all right with me!

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