Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Leprechaun Trivia

Everyone needs a little leprechaun trivia to make the celebration of St. Patrick's Day 2015 complete. While some of the following contain pure Googieness, others come your way with help from "Leprechaun Facts for Kids" at www.kidsplayandcreate.com/leprechaun-facts-for-kids/.

  1. The leprechaun pictured above is the grandson known on this blog as Pooh. His real name is Patrick. This is why he always celebrates St. Pat's Day with a flourish.
  2. There aren't any girl leprechauns. Patrick will be glad to know this.
  3. Early leprechauns wore red instead of green. So Patrick's Spider Man shirt is totally appropriate for this occasion.
  4. Leprechauns dance a mean Irish jig. This explains so much.
  5. The old-time word for leprechaun was lobaircin, which means "small-bodied fellow." See, Patrick? You are supposed to be small.
  6. Many legends describe leprechauns as "mischievous." Enough said.
  7. There is a connection between leprechauns and gold. Patrick has a nearly-full piggy bank. He also has a collection of international and other "special coins."
  8. While some folks claim authentic leprechaun sightings, others believe leprechauns are mythical. I support the former, citing the photo above as proof. 
  9. Legend has it that a person who catches a leprechaun gets three wishes. Today, Patrick, I will settle for just one: Please come and see me soon. 

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