Sunday, October 9, 2011

Googie Reflects

"Googie" is starting to stick.  The grandkids have always called me that, but more recently I have caught myself answering to the name when I hear it used by other family members, people at church, and people I run into when simply out and about.  Often, it takes me by surprise. 

I became the "Googie" of "Googie's Attic" seven months ago today.  I was here at home nursing Pa-pa back from shoulder surgery when it occurred to me that I might enjoy blogging. I have always considered my writing a huge part of who I am, yet, since retiring from teaching, I found myself writing very little other than the occasional poem.  That bothered me.

When I started the blog, it was my goal to produce 100 pieces in a year.  I am a little behind this self-imposed schedule, as this writing is only the fiftieth treasure to occupy the old attic.  However, the goal may still be reachable, and this seven-month, 50-piece mark affords me good opportunity to reflect on how the project has gone to date.

First, I have to say that I love having this creative outlet.  Non-writers may find this difficult to understand, but writing can be addictive.  Now that I am in the habit again, I am a junkie who simply must sit down at this computer every so often and shoot myself up with words and ideas and turns of phrase.  When circumstances prevent or delay that, I get restless and fidgety.  I have been known to experience symptoms of withdrawal in the middle of the night, and when that happens, there is no choice but to stumble to this keyboard and get myself a fix.

Also, I feel good to know I am creating this unique legacy for Sooby, Pooh, and Bootsie.  When they are teenagers, they will probably be embarrassed if their friends find out that, years ago, they were the stars of a blog.  Most likely, they will not be calling me "Googie" anymore; that may be too juvenile and undignified.  But at some point, I can't help thinking, they may cherish these vignettes of their childhood much as they would an old photo album.  It is a legacy of word pictures that I hope will some day make them laugh and cry and know how much they were treasured.

Finally, I have enjoyed a response from a reading audience that far surpasses anything I expected.  Often, my readers--or, in blog language, followers--weigh in to let me know that they had a similar experience, that I made them laugh, that I struck a universal chord that reverberates with some kind of meaning for them.  This is every writer's wish: to touch others with their words in a way that somehow makes a difference.

I am so glad I chose to focus on the grandparenting experience in "Googie's Attic."  It insures a constantly renewable source of material.  Every visit, every phone call is ripe with potential blog material.  And, because I know I will soon want to write about the kids, I am more attentive and more watchful of the things they say and do when we are together.  This makes me less likely to miss those precious little moments that, when captured and preserved in words, become immortal.

In this way, writing the blog further enriches an experience that is already a life pinnacle.  "Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild."  I believe that statement, and, as Googie, I welcome the opportunity blogging gives me to examine its truth for myself, for the kids, and for you.   

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  1. Congratulations on so many posts! Lots of bloggers never make it past half a dozen. After years of thinking that I would some day write a novel, or sell a short story, or publish some poetry, I have finally realized that those dreams will never come true, and I really don't care. I love working with words, and blogging gives ample opportunity to do that, along with quick and gratifying feedback.